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Mar 2

Farewell Post

Dear HiS Readers,

For those of you who have grown to love the direction that HiS Magazine is headed and even those who have bemoaned the move towards more local and classy content, I’m writing this final blog post to announce my resignation Editor-in-Chief of HiS Magazine.

In the coming days, a new sheriff will be policing HiS territory. I’ll continue to write for the magazine on a freelance basis, but any involvement I have going forward will only be in executing the new editor’s vision. 

David Manning will be the new editor of HiS Magazine and you’ll get to know him just as you got to know me over the last year.

It’s been one of the great pleasures of my creative professional career (in some ways, the first and one with the most impact locally) to have a platform to celebrate Fresno and the variety of different cultures (male or otherwise) that thrive here. I’ll still continue to do that from my own blog and being active in the Twittersphere, but the magazine will follow a new vision and creative direction.

I’ll miss our talks. I’ll miss our dive bar tours (the one). And I’ll miss the hard work inherent in making anything the best it can be.

Thanks for reading.

Anthony Taylor
Former Editor-in-Chief, HiS Magazine
Writer For Hire 

Jan 13

BBQ Joints Need to Be Closer

New HiS HQ Ruling: There must be a BBQ joint in every strip mall across the fair city. It must be run by a family with a rich history in BBQ and it’s accompanying culture. There will be potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw for sides. The brisket will not need to be slathered in sauce to be tender enough to eat. It will smell like smoke inside. There will be some sort of pig or cow memorabilia being sold. The owner will be the gregarious sort who remembers your name after your second visit. You will feel the need to take pictures of every meal to incite jealousy among your Twitter followers. 

That’s what we need. Thank you.

Anthony Taylor

Jan 1

A Happy New Year Message from HiS HQ

Well, actually from my living room. HQ is shut down for the weekend. We’re hard at work on the next issue of HiS and we just wanted to thank you all for your continued support and excitement over what’s become of HiS Magazine.

Over the last year we’ve been moving HiS towards something great for Fresno. And something great for us too. The team has never been more energized. Peter has finally stopped collecting Marvel Comic inspired Russian nesting dolls, Steve has finally perfected the transformation for Steve to Gabe, MO has finally given up collecting EVERY ANIMATED GIF IN THE CYBERWORLD and I have finally stopped writing naughty haikus. In short, we’re pumped.

We’re not making a New Year’s resolution. Not because we don’t have faults and vices that need fixing (Peter is addicted to Bakon Vodka, MO is addicted to kittens, Gabe is a degenerate alcoholic and I am addicted to being AWESOME). It’s because we resolved the magazine into something cool already. So rather than make an empty resolution, we’re committed to keeping the magazine moving forward and not slipping backward. To push the design, content and intent behind HiS Magazine even further this year. As long as ads get sold and deadlines are met. HA!

Happy New Year from HiS HQ!

Anthony Taylor
Editor-in-Chief and Lover of Hyperbole
HiS Magazine

Dec 30

Dec 28

Dec 15


So This Happened of the Day: Kevin Hart fiddles while shorty’s hair burns during Diddy’s Last Train to Paris CD release Ustream party.

[thanks b&s!]

Yup. Yup.

Dec 3

We’ve Got Another Issue!


That’s right. I know. You’ve been chomping at the bit. You’ve been pulling at the reins. You’ve been raring to go. You’ve been sitting with a hair trigger. You’ve been trembling with anticipation. You’ve been an eager beaver. You’ve been abuzz with excitement. We get it.

Here we are with another issue. We’ll have downloads of iPhone and desktop wallpaper available soon as well as more blogs from HiS HQ. Also, look for a new video segment coming your way in late December. We’re rocking and rolling at the ol’ HiS HQ.

In fact, we’re looking for some interview subjects for a story for the next issue. If you know of anyone who would like to speak on behalf of one of the four quadrants of our great city, have them email us at or hit us on Twitter @hismagazine. A North, South, East and West Fresnan is what we’re looking for. The hope is to find some people to talk passionately about their part of town. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks again for the support and enjoy the magazine at AND around Fresno at the usual spots.

Anthony Taylor
HiS Magazine

Nov 22
Cool. Hip. Classic. Urban.
Where would you find this in Fresno?

Cool. Hip. Classic. Urban.

Where would you find this in Fresno?

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